Program Details

Lecture/Lab/Extern = 270/150/50

Semester Credits
Lecture: 15 clock hours to 1-semester credit
Lab: 30 clock hours to 1-semester credit
Extern/Intern: 45 clock hours to 1-semester credit

Course Number Course
Clock Hours Semester
OAP100 Vision Care Office Procedures Lecture 45 3.0
OAP101 The Visual System Lecture 45 3.0
OAP102 Basic Contact Lenses Lecture/Lab 75 4.0
OAP103 Ophthalmic Techniques Lecture/Lab 75 4.0
OAP104 Advanced Ophthalmic Techniques Lecture/Lab 120 5.0
OAP105 Ophthalmic Seminar Lecture 60 4.0
EXT100 Externship Externship 90 2.0

510 24

Program Description
The Ophthalmic Assistant program prepares the student to become part of the eye-care team, assisting doctors who specialize in the diagnosis of diseases of the eye (Ophthalmologists). The program is an entry-level course designed to follow the guidelines of the International Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology (IJCAHPO). However, we are not a part of the IJCAHPO

Program Description
At the completion of this program the students will:

  • Demonstrate technical competence when performing ophthalmic procedures.
  • Demonstrate responsible, ethical and professional patient care.
  • Employ components of effective communication.
  • Demonstrate the ability to solve problems and think critically.


Diane Drake

With over 40 years in the Optical business, Mrs. Drake is an approved speaker for ABO and NCLE as well as an advanced course approved speaker and lectures both locally and nationally. She is also an approved speaker for Paraoptometrics and is approved for JCAHPO. She is also approved as a COPE speaker. She was president and owner of ALL ABOUT EYES VISION CENTER in Griffin, Georgia for over 19 years. She is a licensed optician in Georgia, advanced certified by both the American Board of Opticianry and the National Contact Lens Examiners and also has received her Masters in Ophthalmic Optics Certification by the ABO and Masters in Contact Lens Technology from the National Contact Lens Examiners.

Meredith Watts

Mrs. Watts has over 15 years experience in professional environments. She started her career in healthcare by working through college at a Podiatry clinic where she served as an Office Administrator for six clinics across the state of Tennessee. Graduating from Middle Tennessee with a degree in Business Administration & Marketing, she then served as a Marketing Promotions Assistant for a commercial industry in which she was tasked to coordinate trade shows, promote sales, and assist in print advertising. In search of a career change, she began Nursing school at the University of Texas at El Paso while working as office manager at a local Salon & Spa. After becoming a nurse, Mrs. Watts gained experience in pre and post op patients at an ambulatory surgical center and has almost 10 years experience as an Emergency Room nurse at a trauma facility. She has served in positions such as Clinical Coordinator and Health Educator for Mosaic Georgia, a local crisis center in Gwinnett County.