Course Overview

Hemodialysis Technician/ Dialysis Technician assistants greatly increase the efficiency of the

Doctor of Nephrology in the delivery of quality blood and kidney health care and are valuable

members of the renal care team. If you have strong communication skills, enjoy working with

your hands as well as your mind and want a career with responsibility, dialysis assisting may be

for you.

This Hemodialysis Technician and Dialysis Technician Course provides students with the

knowledge needed to perform the duties required of an entry level dialysis technician trainee.

State regulations and requirements will vary for full certification as a Dialysis Technician.

This course covers the following key areas and topics:

● Specific procedures to operate kidney dialysis machines

● Preparation of the dialyzer, reprocessing and delivery systems

● Equipment maintenance

● Skills to monitor and record a patient’s vital signs

● The process for a dialysis teams’ administration of local anesthetics and drugs as needed

● Assessment of patients for any complications that occur during a procedure

● Patient training for at-home dialysis treatment and techniques to provide emotional

support patients need for self-care

Although state regulations vary, responsibilities may include:

12 Weeks -12 Lessons

1. Returning to Work after COVID-19

2. Renal Anatomy & Physiology

3. HIPPA Compliance

4. History Taking

5. Intro to Dialysis related Terminology

6. Infection Control & Sterilization

7. Dialysis Supplies/ Techniques

8. Basic Anatomy and Chemistry including fluid balance

9. Dietary Requirements / Drug Interactions

10. End Stage Renal Disease/ Emergency Care CPR

11. Diabetes/ Hemodialysis/ Kidney Transplants

12. Standard Duty Care